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1407 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA


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About Us

Thank You

To or guests we Thank you very much for your choice of ABBOT'S PIZZA COMPANY.  We take each and every order seriously and will do our best to provide you excellent service and quality food.  After 25 Years of service to our community we take pride in knowing our customers appreciate our quality meals and staff.  Our pizzas range from old school thin crust peperoni and cheese, sausage peppers and onions, to our gourmet goat cheese with portabella mushrooms on a homemade alfredo sauce. Our original creation, the legendary SALAD PIZZA comes out of the oven with a blend of cheeses and onions baked, which we then top with a thin layer of sour cream, a thick layer of chopped salad, chopped tomatoes, feta cheese and a homemade lemon olive oil dressing... all topped off with a delicious layer of fresh Avocados.

 Feel free to ask for as thin as crust as you like, extra sauce, extra cheese or any of our 5 bagel crusts to increase your crust eating experience.  Our CALZONES are also awesome, as we prepare them when ordered with your choice of ingredients inside and served with any of our multitude of homemade gourmet sauces.  Our sauces are prepared daily in house from scratch, range from our traditional tomato sauce, to our light and creamy alfredo sauce, our beautiful basil, garlic or olive pesto, as well as our delicious dipping sauce which has an olive oil mustard base. Our Basil Pesto Sauce is Vegan and all of our pestos have NO NUTS. We also make our olive oil lemon, balsamic vinaigrette, ceaser, and creamy ranch dressings from scratch daily.  Our cheeses and vegetables are freshly grated and prepared for your meals and all kept fresh and refrigerated. No FREEZERS in our pizzeria as every item is served fresh! Our salads are prepared daily and we can customize your choice of ingredients. The CHOPPED SALAD is most popular and don't forget you can add AVOCADOS or CHICKEN  to any salad for additional nutrients, for a small fee.

We are truly a neighborhood place and we care deeply about our community.  TWENTY FIVE years later after our opening in 1995 we are still going strong, trying to improve, innovate and most of all provide our customers with delicious meals to nourish their bodies and souls.  Please do not miss our home-made from scratch CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES for something sweet.  Thanks for your interest and choice of ABBOT'S PIZZA COMPANY and we hope to see you soon.  Much of our staff have been here for years and would love to speak with you with any comments or concerns .  Richie, the owner,  is around the PIZZERIA and is available for photos...chatting and you may even catch him helping out the crew.

We have always been extra careful to maintain a safe and sanitary pizzeria since opening on March 17th 1995 .  We will always stay a step ahead of the curve to prevent any posssible problems as we want our guests well nourished and feeling healthy.  Your health and safety is our priority as we have always been focused on these concerns and always will be.  THANK YOU for being our guests at ABBOT'S PIZZA COMPANY and we wish all of you health and happiness.

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